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Rent A Car to See Historic Places & Tourist Attractions in Lahore

Historic Places And Tourist Attractions In Lahore

SAF Rent A Car Lahore also arranges “Vacation Rentals in Lahore”, for groups and families. Packages include luxury transport, food and accommodation. Similarly you may rent a car in Lahore to visit historic places and tourist attractions such as:

As you already know Lahore is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan also known as The City Of Gardens. Lahore is worth visiting as much for its architectural heritage as it is for its dramatic scenery and natural splendors. As a matter of fact the Gardens and Parks of Lahore, with beautiful orchards full of colored flowers are ideal for holiday-makers intent on relaxation.

Things to do In Lahore

Badshahi Mosque

As it was built in 1673, it is considered the world’s largest, living, historical mosque. Furthermore Islamic worship center was constructed using an attractive blend of white marble and red sand stone. The poet-philosopher “Iqbal” is buried at its footsteps.

Lahore Fort

Built between 1566 and 1673, Marvel of Mughal architecture with its fabulous Sheesh Mahal, superb halls of special and common audience.

Jahangir’s Tomb

Built in 1637, Presenting a matchless display of mosaics and inlays, the tomb of the 4th Mughal Emperor is set magnificently in the calm surroundings of symmetrical gardens.

Lahore Museum

Established in 1864, Displaying a complete cross-section of the culture and history of the region with rare manuscripts, miniatures, Islamic calligraphy, contemporary arts and crafts. It also contains one of the best collections of Buddhist art from the Gandhara period.

Shalimar Gardens

Coupled with beautiful gardens and fountains built in 1641, With its triple-terraced gardens decorated with marble pavilions. In fact this is one of the world’s finest Persian style gardens, laid down by Emperor Shah Jahan. And these beautiful gardens are also known as the Love Gardens.

Old Walled City

Certainly the highlight of Lahore built during 16th century, Walled area, accessible through 12 gates. As a matter of fact this fascinating area is a maze of interconnecting alleys and multi storied houses. Have a walk through its picturesque and crowded bazaars.

Wazir Khan’s Mosque

Equally important is the Wazir Khan Mosque built in 1634, Hidden within the old city, this beautiful mosque is called “the Architectural ornament of Lahore”. Uniquely decorated with mosaics and frescoes of infinite variety of colors.

Food Street

As you all know Lahori’s are great food lovers famous for their gourmand ism. But also a new trend is given to cater to their taste by introducing the idea of Food Street. Here, you can enjoy wide selection of delectable Lahori food served in a traditional manner.

Wagah Border Ceremony Flag Lowering

Wagah Border Ceremony is an impressive and exciting ceremony which takes place every day at Pak-India border Wagah, 29 km from the city. Equally important is the handshake of the captains of the two countries at the beginning of the ceremony. Followed by the battle looks, alertness and vigor amidst the blowing of trumpets and march past. watch the unique ceremony which will thrill haunt you.

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